SALTOPIA's Mission

When SALTOPIA creates a new flavor, it's based off a deeply rooted memory or feeling that only personal experiences can offer. We encourage you to connect with our flavors to awaken your senses and recall your best days with us!

SALTOPIA is a family. We are a lifestyle.  We are memories made by deeply rooted experiences created over time. We are bringing families back to the dinner table, back to the picnic baskets, back to talking and sharing together over a meal.    

SALTOPIA is a family with a pulse, roots, history, children, grandchildren, pets, a home where dinner parties & holidays convene...And here is what you will see:

A colonial farmhouse, rough around the edges but built with a strong foundation. We haven't let the house go, but we spend our free time enjoying the home we've built and celebrating life together. The shutter that fell off from the storm last fall, can be hung another day. 

We always have kids in the yard, swinging on a tire swing that was hung by an uncle who's handy with woodwork. Weeping willows provide shade in all the important corners of the yard. Two or three dogs roam with the kids to keep watch and play. Our kids find amusement in simple luxuries such as bubbles, kite flying, toad & lightning bug catching... The noisy, playful chatter offers us a peaceful home. The laughter of our children is our happiness.

The house is beautiful in any season. It's a simple oasis in summer featuring modest sprinkler and baby pool for cooling. In winter, we have the perfect back hills for sledding on snow days.  Whether we have pop-orange pumpkins on the stoop or a green holly wreath with a red bow - our home is lovely in any setting.

On any given weekend, you'll smell fresh BBQ from the house and neighbors are welcome to drop by for a picnic. We always have an open-door policy.

Holidays feature our best of family, traditions and food!  We'll hang twinkle lights on anything that stands still. Homemade "Popsicle stick" ornaments deck out the Christmas tree... And we're all hoping that someday the kids will collectively play their flute, piano and drum set to the tune of "Old Christmas Tree." 

Meantime, we bake pies, stuff two turkeys (always an extra bird for the love of leftovers) and gift wrap homemade jams, salted chocolates and jars of local honey to give to friends. 

Life smells and tastes delicious. We remember our best days based off the flavors we enjoyed and meals that brought us all together in the first place. Our kitchen is the center of our home and our hearts. We meet there each day to eat, enjoy, laugh, talk, learn and explore. This is our family. This is SALTOPIA.

SALTOPIA isn't just salt. We are a Lifestyle. We offer only the most exquisite, pure pinches of rich flavors, embracing a lifetime of experiences.

SALTOPIA captures flavors that ignite memories from our everyday lives. Each time you share a pinch of SALTOPIA, you're sharing in all the very best qualities of life together! Every batch is carefully crafted to offer pops of flavor that bring you directly back to a memory, a place or even a special individual. We thank you for allowing us to share our experience with you. Enjoy the magic of SALTOPIA...