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SALTOPIA Infused Sea Salts

Gone Fishin' tm: Flavors for the Seafood Sole

Gone Fishin' tm: Flavors for the Seafood Sole

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This gift is perfect for the seafood lover and fishermen’s palate! We’ve put together 5 SALTOPIA infused sea salt flavors such as Lemon, a dramatic Smoky infusion, as well as fresh herbal infusions perfect for complimenting any seafood dish. The gift set includes five 3.4oz glass jars of SALTOPIA Infused Sea Salts; 5 recipe cards with 3 recipes per flavor included; 5 SALTOPIA signature spoons - all beautifully packaged in "ready to gift" boxes with a corresponding themed wrap/sleeve making the set extra special! Our products are 100% made in the USA! This gift set includes the following:

  • 3.4oz PEEKING OUT AT THE BAY (Smoked Paprika, Celery, Herbs, Spices)
  • 3.4oz MUSTARD BEEN LOVE (French Mustard & Herbs infused sea salt)
  • 3.4oz ORANGE YOU TASTY (Orange & Ginger infused sea salt)
  • 3.4oz FISH FACE (Lemon infused sea salt)
  • 3.4oz SMOKED SEA SALT (One of our best-selling smoked salt will be included)
  • 5 SALTOPIA Signature Spoons
  • 5 Recipe, flavor idea cards (one card per flavor included)
  • Beautiful Gift Box Packaging featuring fun images for Seafood Lovers
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