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SALTOPIA Infused Sea Salts

SUGAR SHACK (maple infused sugar) 16oz

SUGAR SHACK (maple infused sugar) 16oz

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The pure taste of maple infused sugar can be used across the breakfast table for pancakes, waffles, muffins and more. We also love this infused sugar in savory dishes such as roasted pork chops and brussel sprouts with bacon! 

16oz jug

Ingredients: raw sugar, maple

SALTOPIA’s “SWEET LIFE” line of flavor Infused Sugars are luxurious and tasty. Much like SALTOPIA’s line of Infused Sea Salts, these sugars add layers of flavor dimensions! Each of the flavors has been handcrafted to sweeten your lifestyle. All of our sugar products are made with pure sugar cane and all-natural ingredients.

These sugars are great for more than just baking. Try rimming cocktail glasses, sprinkling over oatmeal or yogurts, decorating cookies, desserts and fruit platters. Don’t forget to use these sweeties in your hot and cold beverages. Some of our flavors are perfect for hot coffees and teas, while other flavors will make a cold lemonade or iced sun tea sweet and delicious in a whole new way. 

Whether you bake a banana bread with our sugars or simply spoon them into your iced sun tea or morning cup of coffee, we know you’ll enjoy them in every way.

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